3 Active Wear Products You Need In Your Closet

Posted on November 4, 2016

With the active wear market constantly coming out with new innovations in design, fabric and functionality; there are always new fitness products on the market. Check out these 3 must have active wear gear to keep you stylish and functional during your workouts.

1. Underfuse Iron-On Reflective Strips

iron on

Whether you are getting in your pre dawn run before going to work or cycling home after a late night out, being out on the road in the dark poses a lot of safety concerns. While there are highly visible and reflective clothing items on the market, they are not the most stylish active wear gear. These Underfuse Iron-On Reflective Strips allow you to customize your favorite active wear that you already own and love. Not to mention you can place them anywhere on your clothing to suit how you work out best. These iron-on strips just take a quick 30 seconds with the iron to become adhesive to your clothing, to allow you a quick and easy way to stay safe!

2. Matuse Delphin Long Sleeve UV Protection Shirt

sun proof

One of the most uncomfortable feelings to have, especially while trying to remain active, is the dreaded sunburn. It only takes 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure for skin damage to being. While sunscreen remains a necessity, new and upcoming innovations in UV-protection fabrics are an awesome way to add extra protection to your time outdoors. The Matuse Delphin Long Sleeve is built with the athlete in mind. This shirt is moisture-wicking, quick drying nylon that is comfortable in and out of the water, with a 60+ ultraviolet protection factor. While it is never a bad idea to apply sunscreen, this shirt will definitely make your life a little easier as you won’t have to keep stopping and reapplying sunscreen.

3. Senita Athletics Fierce Capri


One of the most common workout problems we come to is where to put a few of our most important necessities, such as our phones and keys. These Senita Athletics Fierce Capris are the perfect pair of leggings to work out on, but also just to lounge around in for a causal day out and about. With low profile mesh detailing you will experience enhanced breath-ability, with modern design. These leggings are equipped with 2 side mesh pockets to perfectly hold your phone in place tightly while working out, the mesh pocket allows your touch screen to still work through the mesh. Also, the waistband features a hidden pocket perfectly sized to hold your keys. An added plus to these pants is the tagless design; it’s the little things that make a difference! These leggings will keep you looking sleek and modern, while being one of the most functional products on the market.