5 Easy Ways to Stay Active This Summer

Posted on May 30, 2017

Who wouldn’t love to squeeze in a workout without even realizing you’re exercising? We all would, and Summer offers the perfect opportunities to get moving! With great weather and sunshine your possibilities are endless, but with these few activities you won’t even notice you are burning some extra calories!

Play Tourist 
Why not take a day and explore your own city? Who knows what kind of fun things you will discover! Track your steps as a fun way to see how much exercise you got at the end of the day. You may feel the burn tomorrow of the many steps and hills you conquered, but its guaranteed in the moment you won’t even notice that you are working out. Grab a friend, stop anywhere that looks interesting and see what kind of unique places you end up!

Hit the Water
Whether you live in a land-locked state or you have a coast in your backyard, water is always a fun way to escape the heat on hot summer days. Check out local water sports rentals near you for a exciting new alternative for just hitting the water. Paddling down the river, going for a steady canoe ride, learning to surf or even just going for a swim are all great ways to stay cool and burn some serious calories.

Shop Local
Farmers Markets are everywhere during the summer! They are a great way to shop from local vendors and support your local economy. Not to mention, you get exercise in while browsing all of the vendors! So this makes for another great activity to track your steps and check out how active you can be, when not even trying! In addition, farmers’ markets are stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies so eating healthy after is a breeze!

Go Camping
There is something special about a summer camping trip. But camping takes work whether you realize it or not you will be burning your fair share of calories by hiking out to your spot, setting up your campsite and all of the activities you will do in your free time like walking and swimming. Either way, you are bound to not only enjoy the exercise, but getting away from the business of urban areas is always a much needed break!

Change of Scenery
The simplest way to replace the gym with an outdoor workout is to simply move your workout outside. It’s super easy to go for a run outdoors or take the dog for a walk in the park. This is the simplest and easiest way to change things up this summer!