5 Extremely Unique Places to Stay Around the World

Posted on April 17, 2017

1. Free Spirit Spheres: Vancouver Island, Canada


For the ultimate nature lover these treehouse-like adventure is a stay you need to add to your bucket list. Located in Vancouver Island, Canada these spheres are suspended above the rain-forest floor. Allowing you to trek around during the day, and spend the night with nature.

2. Huilo Huilo: Neltume, Chile


Built on a biological reserve, Huilo Huilo is an environmental wonder. There are three different lodges you can stay in, all of which are uniquely built right into their surroundings. This is the perfect stay for nature lovers and anyone who has an interest in environmentalism.  Make sure not to forget your hiking boots, it’s not always easy to get to your room.

3. Poseidon Underwater Resort: Private Island near Fiji


Although, this may look like something off of a movie, it’s not, you can really spend the night at the bottom of the ocean. This is a bit more of a luxury travel stay as it won’t be cheap to sleep with the fish, but these bedroom pods that descend down into the ocean will give you some of the most incredible once in a life time views and scenery.

4. Kakslauttanen: Finnish Lapland, Finland


For a truly one of a kind stay, stay in one of the glass igloos located in Finland. Not only will this glass igloo give you beautiful 360 views all day long, but you can also experience the relaxing snow falling on your igloo, and the best part is witnessing some of the best views of the Northern Lights.

5. Giraffe Manor: Nairobi Kenya


If you are an animal lover, you need to stay at Giraffe Manor! Where giraffes freely roam the property and can get as up close and personal with you as they please. You can watch them from your window roaming the grounds, go out on the grounds and interact with them, or simply just have some food in your room so they can pop their heads in for a treat.