5 Places to Travel Around the World That Won’t Break Your Bank

Posted on September 19, 2016

Many people miss out on the awesome beautiful places around the world, because of the stigma that traveling can be so costly.  While traveling is, and can be very expensive, it can also be affordable and even cheap!  All it takes is a little planning, budgeting and researching to get you to those once in a lifetime experiences. Here are just a few of many places to travel around the world that won’t leave your back account empty.



Bolivia is one of the most budget efficient places to travel due to the countries low income per capita, therefore their touristic offers are incredible cheap! The average daily budget you can plan for in Bolivia is $30 a day. Not to mention Bolivia is idea for backpackers, especially those looking for some breathtaking sites; such as the ancient Inca Trails, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon.


dominican rep

The Dominican Republic is most popular for is mass market tourism resorts. Although, it has just as much to offer to the independent tourist as well. Your money will go far in the Dominican Republic if you try some of the local bars and restaurants, which are usually better than anything you would get in a tourist resort. Plus the culture you will experience will be unforgettable. Don’t forget about the Dominican Republic’s amazing sightseeing spots like the lagoons over the Northern Coast and the Barahona National Park!



Bali has a lot of expensive attractions, but they also have numerous attractions that won’t cost you a dime. You can explore the picturesque local villages and temples and get a real taste of Indonesian culture. Not to mention Bali has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and public gardens. Staying in Bali will cost you about $15 a night for a guest house room and $7 a day for a moped so you can zip around to all of these amazing sites and markets.



Vietnam is so full of culture and life that it will have you contemplating never leaving. The traditional food is incredibly delicious and cheap, costing you anywhere from $2-$5 a meal at local restaurants. Explore the traditional villages and ethnic markets. While you are there don’t miss the opportunity to see some dragon dancers, colorful fairs and festivals and fireworks.



Siberia’s capital, Belgrade (which translates to “The White City”) has been nominated as one of the 10 must visit cities in the world. A basic hotel room in Siberia can be booked for around $25 a night. Siberia is full of spectacular scenery and amazing culture. The city life will provide you with an abundance of live music and traditional jazz music festivals all year round.