5 Tips for Holiday Travel

Posted on December 7, 2016

Over the river and through the woods, then you slide on the ice and smack into Bigfoot. Caught unaware, an accident or delay could dampen your Holiday Spirit. You should always be prepared for the unexpected when traveling during the Holiday Season.

(What? You don’t think Sasquatch has a granny’s house to go to?)

Along with sugar plum fairies and cooing dolls; there are delays, bad weather, layovers and general problems with the Elf population this time of year. Make sure you keep a handle on your safety and comfort while traveling this season! The following list is of things to keep on your person at all times.


  1. A Change or Two of Cloths:

Make sure to pack any basic toiletries, and an extra few days of meds (if you take any). Getting caught without clean underthings, a toothbrush and your allergy meds could make for a miserable day or two.


  1. Non-Perishable Items:

Items such as granola or trail mix.  A bottle of water is also a must have. Not every stop or layover will have appetizing or moderately priced food items. It’s bad enough to be delayed, much less hungry and thirsty too!


  1. Cash and Forms of Identification:

It’s always smart to keep these things separate and in a place that is close to your person. Crossover bags, a backpack, zippered inside pocket, etc… this will help cut down on the possibility of theft/pick pocketing.

  1. First Aid Supplies, Emergency Contacts, and Any Medical Alerts:

So, you may just need a band aid. That’s OK, be prepared!


  1. Chargers:

Don’t get caught with an empty battery. Laptops, notebooks and phones are great for passing the time, however, they won’t do you much good when you can’t power them on.


I’ve also been known to keep a travel blanket and pillow with me as well, all tucked nicely in my Machir carry-on. Be safe out there, don’t eat the yellow snow and have a wonderful Holiday Season!!