5 Travel Websites You Need to Bookmark

Posted on January 12, 2017

There are thousands of travel websites out there, but how to decipher between a scam and a helpful website can be hard sometimes. Check out these 5 websites to make your life a little easier while trying to plan your next trip. Take advantage of the deals that are out there and make the most of your trip!

1. Homestay:

Always wanted to be a foreign exchange student, but missed your chance? Homestay is the perfect website for travelers looking for an extremely cultural and local experience. Homestay connects travelers around the world with host families, who are willing to open their homes and show off their country to adventurous tourist. Homestay even lets you match up with people who have similar likes and interest to ensure a positive stay on both ends!

2. Jet Lag Rooster:

Don’t waste a day of travel catching up on sleep because your jet lagged! Jet Lag Rooster helps you design a personalized sleep schedule to help you avoid jet lag before it happens. Plug your travel info in a few days before your trip and Jet Lag Rooster will generate a sleep schedule to slowly get you accommodated to the time zone you will be traveling to.

3. Black Tomato:

For some of the most unique and unusual travel experiences check out black tomato, their website will inspire you creativity and wanderlust. Having you signing yourself up for adventures you didn’t even know existed. To be the next travel trendsetter check out black tomato for some out of the box travel ideas.

4. IFly:

Once your flights are booked, IFly is your new best friend. This website will keep you up to date on delays, gate changes and give detailed information about any airport you may be traveling through. IFly will give you recommendations on some of the best places to eat, close to your terminal and even put you in touch with any airports lost and found. So basically before you get to the airport, get on IFly.

5. Triptease:

Use triptease if you are looking for an all in one website. Get travel destination ideas, opportunities and excursions all over the world and combine and compare rates all at once. Triptease is sure to save you some money and stress, by helping you find the best deals and while planning ahead.