A Few of the Most Extraordinary Places to Stay Around the World

Posted on May 17, 2017

If you are searching for some new additions to your travel bucket list, don’t miss these extraordinary stays around the world, with breathtaking views, seclusion or adventure you will be eager to plan your next trip!

Riad Yasmine, Morocco:


With its Moroccan architecture, The Riad Yasmine is colorful, grand and intimate. This makes for the perfect destination for those wanting to escape the craziness, but still have the luxury of some more populated destinations. With patio pools and rooftop terraces that overlook the Medina you will be memorized by the beauty around you.

Jade Screen Pavilion, China:


Not recommended for those who fear heights! Yes, the little buildings in between the mountains are not the view from your room that would be your room. The ultimate journey for adventure lovers to get to the Jade Screen Pavilion you must make the trek of climbing 60,000 stone steps, but the views will be nothing short of extraordinary once you get there. Staying at the Jade Screen Pavilion is the perfect destination for adventure seekers with breathtaking views throughout the whole trip.

Local Cave Hotel, Turkey:

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For a unique and relaxing experience the Local Cave Hotel in Turkey offers just that.  With the hotel carved into a cave you have a truly unique hotel experience, not to mention the panoramic views of Goreme, Turkey that are below. Don’t forget to wake up extra early at least once to cat the hot air balloons filling up the sky from your cave hotel!

Kingston Tree House, South Africa:


If you are looking for total seclusion for your next adventure be sure to check out the Kingston Tree House in South Africa. Deep into the African Wilderness the secluded tree houses are arranged with the nearest humans’ miles away, so that you are guaranteed total privacy for the ultimate relaxing yet adventurous trip. The tree house is constructed out of glass and wood and surrounded by nature reserves. With wandering wildlife, breathtaking sunsets and clear starry nights you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.