Active Wear Products You Need This Spring!

Posted on March 9, 2017

Don’t let the rain stop your workout grind this spring! Stock up on some of the best water repellent active wear gear on the market and continue to run, hike, bike etc. in style and in comfort!

1. Lululemon Ride on Rain Jacket:

lulu lemon jacket

A little rain never hurt anyone, as long as you are prepared. This jacket was designed for bicycle commuters during the spring rainy season, but is perfect for any kind of outdoor activity such as running or hiking. The Ride On jacket is equipped with a built-in vest for extra warmth, reflective detailing to protect you from oncoming traffic and a lengthier back design to keep your backside dry while crouching on the bike seat.

2. Nike Air Pegasus + 27 GTX:

nike air

These shoes are perfect for the ultimate hiker. Made with the protection of waterproof gore-tex, the rubber outsoles will keep you from slipping on those muddy spring trails. Not to mention, they work great for any other rainy day activity, like running or biking, and of course they are designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

3. Mack Weldon 4-Way Short:

mack weldon FINAL

The Mack Weldon 4-Way shorts are for those of you who have other stuff to do after your workout session. These shorts are water repellent so they are ideal to work out in this spring, especially if you need to go somewhere after your work out because they dry extremely quickly due to their water resistant construction and they don’t look like your normal gym shorts, but like a designer pair of shorts.

4. Marmot Precip Full Zip Rain Pants:

precip pants

Never miss out on a hike or camping trip if you have a pair of these Marmot Precip Full Zip Rain Pants. Keep them in your backpack this spring, because you never know when the rain may hit. These pants feature taped seams to ensure that no water is getting through. These pants are also lightweight and breathable so they can be worn alone, or layered over other pants for extra warmth as well. These pants are definitely a must have to keep with you whenever you are headed outdoors this spring.