Active Wear Trends to Keep up With This Spring

Posted on March 20, 2017

Happy first day of spring! New season, means new trends! Season changes are always a good time to keep up with some of the latest trends, so check out a few of our favorite trends in active wear for this spring. Stay Sporty and Stylish this spring using the below trends to stay out in front of the pack!

1. The Oversized Sweatshirt



It’s hard to tell what the weather will be doing during spring, it may be cold one day and warm the next, so having an oversized sweatshirt on hand is not only a functional idea, but also a stylish one. On the plus side oversized sweatshirts are comfy and are great for a laid back yoga session.

2. Tropical Prints


Nothing says getting ready for summer like tropical prints! Tropical prints are a fun and enthusiastic way to spruce up your active wear. If you are starting a new work routine to get ready for your swim suit season, then what better way than to stay motivated with some fun tropical motivation.  That and who doesn’t love a little excitement with their sporty look!

3. Cut Outs and Open Back Tanks


This trend isn’t going anywhere, in fact the more cut outs the better! One of the most stylish trends in active wear is also extremely functional. Whether you’ve realized it or not all of these cut outs add for some much needed extra breathability in your work out wear. So enjoy the breeze with your cut out back tanks.

3. Performance Sports Bras



Continuous improvements in the sports bra department have been moving upward and aren’t stopping. Now that they’ve got style down, active wear brands are focusing and the functionality and comfort level of these trendy active wear bras. Providing extra banding and support, for more of a mix between a crop top and a sports bra.