Apps That Will Make Traveling A Breeze

Posted on September 12, 2016

Let’s face it traveling is always stressful at some point or another throughout a trip, but that’s not stopping us! Here is a must have list for the travel goers to make life on the move just a little easier, so you can enjoy those incredible memories you are making.

When traveling out of the country relying on wifi for internet can be somewhat nerve-wracking. CityMaps2Go allows you to download all of the maps you will need in advance which are stored offline, so you will have them whenever you need them, wherevekr you are. With no roaming charges!

Travel Math:
Budgeting is key to being able to have a stress free trip; travel math will take care of that for. Know exactly how much money to a lot based on where you are going, when you are going and what you are planning on doing.

Pack Point:
A must have for the indecisive, over packer…Pack Point helps you decide what to pack based on where you are going, the weather in that area and what sorts of activities you will be participating in.

Not sure what will make it through airport security? Open up My TSA and find out in an instant if what you are questioning bringing will causes a big hold up in the TSA line or not. Also, look up how long the security wait times are at your airport so you can plan for enough time to make your flight without running through the airport.

They say communication is key…so you better have at least one good reliable translator app with you at all times. No matter how good you think your language skills are, offending someone because you misused a word is never fun. Itranslate offers over 90 languages and is quick and easy to use.

Tired of the traditional city tour? Vayable is just like asking the locals, it offers you with unique experiences that are updated based on your location. Vayable features some of the best dive bars, festivals and must see places.

Currency Converter:
Currency converter is a must! A quick and easy was to figure out currency conversions for over 160 currencies from all over the world. This app will most definitely make your travel life easier.