Consider The Van Life

Posted on September 23, 2016

You may have heard all the buzz about people traveling the U.S while living out of vans, and you may think they’re crazy, or you may be ready to hop on the trend. Whether you are weary or more than willing to give it a try, there are endless benefits to traveling/living out of your van.

Van life will offer you amazing views

Obviously you can travel wherever you would like, you can hit certain attractions and views you had in mind, but some of the unexpected views you will experience will be the best. Each time you park in a new place you never know what you may see, the sunrise, the sunset it’s all different everywhere with different scenery and it will be an unforgettable site. Definitely relax and take in these views, but don’t forget to document them also, many will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Van life is inexpensive

It’s clear that living in a van will drastically reduce your expenses. No more rent, deposits, big furniture or electronics. It’s the ideal way for someone who wants to travel and explore on a budget.

Van life is freedom

When you are living out of your van, wherever you are is your backyard. If you feel like hiking, done; if you are in the mountains and want to ski, done. You have the opportunity to be completely free and truly live in the moment, which many people think they can do from normal living but it’s not the same. The freedom you will feel will allow you to become more in tune with yourself, and be forever grateful of the experiences you have chosen.

Van life lets you work to live not live to work

Many people get so consumed by their work life that they cannot balance their work life and home life in a healthy manner. When you are living out of your van you can still work, but with less stress. Van life jobs are good for freelance workers, bloggers, photographers, writers etc. But if that is not you, no worries you can travel and stop for a few weeks at a time and work locally and then when you feel content and have made a little more money you can move on.

Van life will make you appreciate minimalism 

You really don’t have a choice with van life you have to life a minimalistic lifestyle. Which may be scary, but once you do it, you appreciate so much more. The materialistic things in life are gone and not to mention the cost that go with them. You really don’t realize how you actually can live off of until you have to fit just the essentials into a van. This will make life after van living much better as well as you will understand and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Van life is good for the planet

Okay, so obviously gas and the pollution it puts out is not good for the earth, but in the grand scheme of things it’s much better than a house. You will use less energy, less water and produce less waste. Also, the biggest help to the planet is to get a solar system for running light and charging electronics while you are off the grid.

Van life means tons of new friends

Whether you park your van in a populated campsite or in a completely remote area you will make many new friends. You will find that the people you meet are obviously doing the same things as you, so you already have something in common. Most people who choose van life are open to new experiences, which also means connecting with new people. You may learn some new skills or hobbies from your new friends and you will surely hear some interesting stories.