Cool Workout Gadgets That Will Make Exercising Easier

Posted on February 11, 2017

The fitness industry is continuing to grow and grow, pairing with your smart phone an array of new fitness products are constantly hitting the market, in hopes of making your workout easier and efficient. Fitness paired with technology is a match made in heaven, check out these amazing new fitness products that will make your exercise routine easier!

1. Ringly Dive Bar Smart Ring


Finding time to work out is hard enough, and sometimes we are more focused on not missing an important business call or email. This Smart Ring syncs with the Ringly app you can download on your phone and will vibrate and light up when you receive an email, text or phone call. You can set the app to only notify the ring for certain things, such as phone calls only etc. It also lets you set reminders so you can know when to move from one machine to another in the gym, or when it’s time to take a break and cool down. This ring lets you dive all into your workout without constantly checking your phone.

2. Underwater Earphones

Screenshot 2017-02-10 20.55.16

Let’s face it; music is what gets most of us through our workouts. Swimming is a great form of exercise that many do not take advantage of. Jam out to your favorite pump up music while you swim some laps. While swimming alone serves as a great source of exercise, many exercise classes are hitting the water, with water aerobics and even water yoga! Don’t hesitate to hit the pool

3. Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet

Screenshot 2017-02-10 20.57.54

This bundle of two pairs of smart socks with an electronic Bluetooth anklet is a runner’s dream fitness accessory.  Wearing the socks paired with the anklet while running will allow you to track your performance on your phone through its compatible app. This set will track a variety of things such as foot landing technique, your running speed, calories and will alert you if you have an “injury-prone running style” and direct you on ways to improve your technique.

4. The SmartMat

Screenshot 2017-02-10 20.59.59

For all of the yogis out there, the SmartMat works hand in hand with your smart phone to track your results. The SmartMat helps users improve on their placement, alignment and balance by visually and audibly showing their form. The SmartMat is like having your own personal yoga instructor to give you feed back and advice wherever you choose to strike your next yoga pose.