Don’t Leave for Your Next Flight without These Awesome Travel Accessories

Posted on February 16, 2017

Don’t add any extra needed stress to your travels. There’s no need to be anxiously fumbling through your carry on looking for cords, pillows etc. Check out a few of these functional travel accessories that are sure to make your travels a little smoother.

The Hoodie Pillow:


Forget the traditional travel pillows that slip and slide all over the place, and chances are you won’t leave the plane with it. The Hoodie Pillow will have you feeling comfy and cozy during your airplane naps, and it’s a lot easier to keep track of when it’s attached to your head!

Portable Travel Charger:


Keeping track of all of your electronics and making sure they are charged is one of the most frustrating parts about travel. This Portable Travel Charge not only keeps all of your electronics safely stored and organized but it can also charge up to four devices at once!

Roll Up Luggage Carrier:


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to do when you arrive to your destination is take out an iron and fix all of the creases in your clothing due to the many hours of traveling. Eliminate the issue all at once and pack a few items that you know you will be wearing right of the bat in this crease free roll up luggage carrier.

Aviator Eye Mask:


Getting some much needed sleep while traveling isn’t always easy; get a fun cool eye mask like this aviator eye mask to ensure you get some much needed stylish shut eye during your travels.

IPhone Camera Lens System:


No need to pack an extra bulky camera in your already crammed luggage. Buy a pack of IPhone camera lenses that come in a handy little bag and you can just choose which lenses shoots the moment you are trying to capture and clip it onto your phone and get high quality, professional camera shots, without the extra space or money of a high end camera.