Five Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Posted on November 29, 2016

If you have an extreme case of wanderlust, don’t settle for a job that won’t allow you to travel as much as you dreams allow.  There are many career paths out there that require travel. It’s the best of both worlds for the travel lover; see new places, new experiences and get paid!



Recruiters are expected to travel around the country to find the best new talent. Choose an industry that you are interested in, whether that be sports, music and acting or modeling; recruiters are necessary in all industries.  You will often spend more time in different places around the country than you will in your own bed.

Teaching English:

This job is ideal for those who don’t want to travel in their own country, but desire to travel to foreign countries. This job is in high demand, so even if you don’t have all of the credentials to meet the job requirements, often times training will be offered to you on behalf of the company. While this job will not necessarily offer you the ability to jump from different country to country every week, it will give you the opportunity to become fully immersed in one country’s culture and customs.  Remember, you can always do short day or weekend trip on your time off!

Travel Industry:

This one may be so obvious that you don’t even consider it. There are many jobs in the travel industry, from working as a flight attendant to working on a cruise ship. Working on a cruise ship offers a wide array of jobs from entertainers, servers, travel guides and chefs. Most of the time you are traveling you will be working, but you won’t be working 24 hours a day, so you will have plenty of time to get out and explore the places you are visiting for work.


A love and passion for photography can send you all over the world. Getting in with a fashion, travel, zoology, cultural or nature related media company will most definitely require you to travel to numerous places, many of which being exotic. While becoming a well known photographer takes a little time, once you get your name and photos out there, you may be sent all of the world for photo shoots and get the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places on the planet.


Archeology is based around field work, you will be expected to travel to many historical places and attain your research while you are out in the field. While you need to finish graduate school to obtain a job in this career field, it is worth the extra work for the ultimate travel, history and culture lover.