Guide to Traveling in Style

Posted on November 24, 2016

Forget the sweat pants and old backpack that you have been using for years. Even during a long day at the airport and through your travels, you can feel confident and look chic and stylish with just a few key accessories.

A fashionable passport holder:

passport holder

Keep everything in one place and ready to go. Staying organized in style with a cool passport holder will have you feeling confident and prepared in the airport. No need to have your ticket, id and passport all mixed-up in your bag, especially when you can keep it all together in style.

A pair of fancy headphones:


Block out the background noises in the airport and on the plane with a nice set of headphones. Get a pair of headphones with noise cancelling capabilities. Headphones are offered in all kinds of colors, styles and patterns; get a pair that suits your personal style so you can stand out while traveling.

A cozy scarf:


No matter if you are traveling to a warm or cold destination you should bring a scarf. Not only are scarves one of the easiest accessories to add style to an outfit, but they can serve many purposes. For example: warmth, it’s always cold in the airport, wrap it around your arms when you are freezing or just throw it around your neck when you are not so chilly. Scarves can easily be turned into a blanket or a pillow, you will be saving room by not packing extra jackets, pillows or blankets when you can just wear a scarf and look stylish while being functional.

A cute pair of flats:

flats 3

You are going to be walking a lot, yet your tennis shoes don’t quite go with the rest of your chic outfit, so opt for a cute and comfortable pair of flats. Not to mention, flats are easy to slip on and off, making your trip through TSA just a little smoother. Make sure to wear them before you head to the airport, while flats are very comfortable, breaking them in for the first time at the airport is not.

A functional backpack for all of your carry on necessities: 

blog bag 2

Here’s where we come in, Machir was designed out of the need for functional and stylish carry travel baggage. Pockets are a necessity, easy to access front compartments will make it simple to grab your phone or passport book in a quick easy motion. Padded laptop/tablet compartments will keep your prized electronics from getting beat up in the overhead bin. Lastly, high quality fabrics to ensure your backpack lasts through many travels and padded shoulder straps to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

A toiletries organizer case:

travel case

Freshening up after a long day of travel will be one of the best feelings. Don’t worry about digging through your luggage for all of your toiletries, when you can have a cute toiletries organizer case. You will want to freshen up in the airport just to show off your stylish case, offered in a variety of colors and patterns keeping all of your toiletries in one place and preventing them from spilling on each other.