High Style Street Inspired Active Wear

Posted on February 24, 2017

We are all busy people, it’s rare to hit the gym and at least not have one errand to run afterwards. We love active wear, but we also love street style active wear. The perfect combination of athletics, comfort and style, all in one and the market for active wear continues to grow. There is one new brand that hit the market: Grand Athletic Club that has truly hit the mark on the mix between gym wear and street wear. Let’s face it, if you can look stylish while in active wear that’s comfortable and functional, why wouldn’t you? With some of the most stylish active wear pieces out there, they will have you wanting to wear them, even if you never work out. This line of active wear is very high end, and gives you that celebrity feel, yet you won’t find an article of clothing for more than $150. This active wear line will have you feeling confident while you are hitting it hard at the gym, meeting some friends for dinner, all while giving you that serious street style that your friends are sure to be envious of. Take a look at some of High Street Inspired Active Wears products below!

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