How to Fit Traveling into a Full Time Job

Posted on April 3, 2017

Many people find it hard to figure out just how to travel while holding down a full time job, but it’s more than possible! And you should take advantage of those hard earned vacation days that you have racked up and get the most out of them.

Understand Your Vacation Allowance

While, usually more vacation time comes with the more time you stay with a company, vacation time is vacation time, so use it! Know how many days you have from the get go, this will save you some money because you can book your trip in advance. Also, try to plan your trip around holidays that are observed by your company for example (new years day etc.) this will give you a day off and save one of your vacation days!

Be Open to City Breaks

City breaks are short trips to nearby cities so you’re staying domestic and saving a lot of money yet you’re still traveling. City Breaks make for the perfect long weekend you will only need to use one or two vacation days, but it can really rejuvenate you as time off in a new city, plus you can do this multiple times throughout the year since you are only using one or two vacation days at a time.

Explore what’s on Your Doorstep

Many people don’t associate travel with something just right outside your doorstep, but If it’s somewhere you’ve never been or something you’ve never done or seen then hey we’ll call that travel! And this takes no time off from work, just explore your own city on the weekends. Be spontaneous and try something one weekend!

Get Organized

Traveling takes a lot of planning, so don’t waste a vacation day at the last minute because you’re not packed. If you are going to hold down a full time job and travel, you need to stay organized. Plan ahead and pack ahead, don’t waste any travel time!