How to Travel When Low on Funds

Posted on February 20, 2017

Many of us dream of traveling the world, but never actually do because we think we don’t have the funds for traveling. If you let go of some of the stresses and focus on the necessities such as your rent/mortgage, bills and car payment, you will have a nice travel fund to get started on your travels.

Sell All of Your Stuff:

Sell your house, or end your lease. There is no need to be paying for somewhere you won’t be staying. Even If you plan on coming back to your “home base” occasionally during your travels, stay with family or friends. Not having a rent payment will make you feel like you just won the lottery, you will have tons of extra money in your pocket to travel with! Don’t just sell your house, there’s no need for all that stuff you had in your house either. Keep a few important things with family, and the rest of your materialist/replaceable items…sell, sell, and sell!! Paying to store it all in a storage unit can quickly add up. You sure don’t need your car if you won’t even be in the country….Sell it!

Pay Off Any Debt:

For most of us, paying off our debt is hard enough, so don’t add stress to your travels by worrying about how to make payments internationally. Pay off any debt you may have before you leave the country so you can travel financially stress free.

Travel Hack Your Way to the Deals:

One convenient thing about travel is that there are countless deals and rewards programs, use them all! It takes time and persistence, but taking full advantage or frequent flier points, credit card rewards programs etc. is a no brainer way to save loads of money with just a little time!

Travel Through a Volunteer Program:

Volunteer programs are a great way to get travel experience for those of you who don’t have much experience traveling. You will be safe with a group of people, will have meals and a place to stay, and chances are whatever volunteer work you are doing will be a life changing experience. You are not working 24/7 so you will have plenty of time to explore, and some programs even set up excursions on your off time!