Inside the Concept of Machir:

Posted on August 17, 2016

As Machir is now open we hope to give you an insight into why Machir was designed and the inspiration behind the concept. Machir was born out of a desire for rugged, stylish and durable backpacks, briefcases and carry luggage bags for the active and adventurous customer. The name Machir is derived from the biblical term, Machir, meaning a conqueror with determination and a no-nonsense spirit. All of which we strive for in the design and production of our bags.

Machir products allow you to remain stylish and sophisticated in all aspects of your life whether it may be in the office, on campus or on the trail, while keeping your needs in mind with extra zippers and pockets to allow room for wherever your adventure may take you. With this inspiration in mind we were able to create high quality products in all aspects of design, construction, fabric and production. Machir bags will give you the confidence to travel in style while still keeping those hard earned dollars in your pocket.

Get moving. Keep moving. But do it in confident style. When it matters go with Machir.