Looking For a Little Extra Help Planning Your Next Trip?

Posted on March 3, 2017

Planning for your travels can be overwhelming sometimes…so it’s okay that you need a little extra help. These websites will make planning your next trip a little easier, so you can have more time to prepare and less time to stress!

Trover: Trover is great to help you plan some excursion activities, simply type in the city you will be visiting and scroll through the images posted by fellow travelers. Find one you like, and get the details on how to do the same, prices, locations etc. For those of you who are visual people, you will love this site, one simply just has to find something that catches their eye.

Seat61: If you are traveling anywhere by train on your trip, which you should…then you need to check out Seat61. Seat61 allows you to find travel information in different cities such as price estimates, maps and directions to the stations and even what to expect during border crossings. Check out Seat61 before you hop on a train and you will save yourself some time, stress and money.

Airbnb: Airbnb offers a really cool alternative for hostels or hotels during your travels, with your own rented space. This is really worth the price if you are traveling with a few friends, you will feel like a local and have the comfort of being able to unpack a little and feel at home. Not to mention you will save loads of money, since you have your own place, take advantage of the local foods and dine in more than eating out!

Sky scanner: One of your biggest stressors of planning your trip is probably booking flights. There are so many websites, so many airlines, and so many options it can quickly become overwhelming. Sky scanner puts it all in one place for you, allowing you to search by the month so you can see when flights are the cheapest, or also search by country to find which airport works with your itinerary best. Sky scanner is a great website to save you a lot of money, while helping simplify one of the most stressful parts of your trip.