Men’s Guide: What to wear for all of your outdoor adventures this spring

Posted on March 31, 2017

 A Stylish Pair of Hiking Boots

hiking boots

Hiking boots don’t have the clunky stigma they used to; snag a pair of these Merrell hiking boots to keep you feet comfortable, dry and safe on your adventures, while still looking stylish. You could easily keep these on after your hike and go grab a bite to eat and not look like you have been living in the woods. These hiking boots give the perfect mix between a tennis shoe and a hiking boot.

A Comfy Basic T-Shirt


If you are planning on being outdoors all day, there is a good chance the temperature could chance multiple times throughout the day, so layers are key. Start your layers with a cool, casual basic t-shirt, something soft and comfy. These distressed T-shirts from Urban Outfitters offer a worn in look, but yet something different than a regular basic tee.

The Perfect Bag


Whether you’re just going for a walk in the park, or getting a little more adventurous and hitting some trails our Machir Casual Collection Backpack is perfect. Featuring comfort straps and breathability, you can load it up without feeling all of the weight on your shoulders and back, not to mention you will be styling with this bag that gives off a rugged feel, it makes for the perfect bag for a day outdoors.

A Good Rain Jacket


This is where the layers come in, don’t just grab any old jacket, and make sure you have a good quality rain jacket. This Ketums Rain Jacket is made of water-repellent fabric and a lightweight flannel interior for a little more warmth than your traditional rain jacket. And featuring cool wooden toggles and printed interior fabric, this rain jacket will just continue to add style to your go to outdoor gear.