Rail Trails: The Cool New Way to Take the Scenic Route

Posted on March 6, 2017

Rail Trails are simply old abandoned railroad tracks that people have began to use as trails, for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, running and even horseback riding. Rail Trails are awesome because they are usually less popular than other trail ways and offer many scenic views with an element of history. Check out some of the three coolest Rail Trails around the U.S.

1. Island Line Rail Trail:

blog pic 1

This rail trail will take you on an unforgettable adventure as you cross Lake Champlain on a three mile long bridge! The pathway extends out to an island on the lake, offering amazing 360 degree views. This is one of the most relaxing trails out there, with its easy terrain level and breathtaking views, you will feel refreshed at the end of this rail trail.

2. Bizz Johnson Rail Trail:

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This rail trail really gives you the railroad feel, as the trail starts out at an old train station. This trail offers 30 miles of hiking, featuring 12 waterway crossings. This trail offers a ton a variety in its course and really gives you the historical feel of the railways.

3. Ghost Town Rail Trail:

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In the middle of mining country in Pennsylvania lies an abandoned town, which many refer to as a ghost town, offering a beautiful scenic vacant rail line. This trail is especially popular for hiking and biking due to the terrain along the railroad tracks. This is the perfect adventure for the outdoor lover and thrill seeker, as you will want to make sure you have made it back before dark!