Road Trippin With My Two Favorite Allies: Best Apps to Have for Your Next Road Trip

Posted on February 7, 2017

Road trips are an awesome opportunity to see the sites and spend some good old quality time with your friends. Although, the idea of just jumping in the car and leaving is often appealing, you will get a lot more out of your road trip if you do just a little planning ahead. Check out these five apps designed to help your road trip experience, from scheduling advice to hotel recommendations, these apps will come in handy throughout your entire trip!


TripCase is all about organization. Use TripCase to organize sightseeing spots you want to visit, and then see what restaurants are nearby. TripCase also allows you to see what the weather will be like in your scheduled areas. You can also add friends and family to update them along the way as you make your many stops! Basically, TripCase is a little bit of everything, being an all in one place to help keep your trip organized.


Packing for a road trip can be a bit stressful. There’s a lot you need to pack and it takes a lot of planning ahead. PackingPro helps you separate all of your necessities for your road trip into different categories. This will make the packing seem a little bit less stressful, as you can check things off your virtual lists. PackingPro can also organize lists for numerous trips at once. Packing efficiently will make the days leading up to your trip less stressful, and will overall have you feeling confident that you didn’t forget anything!


IExit is a must have on a road trip. It uses your current location and updates as you move showing you upcoming exits and all of the amenities along the way! IExit will show you destinations on your journey and warn you of any traffic backup or detours. While you may just be using IExit to find the nearest gas station, you may find some hidden gems like state parks, scenic routes and endless other possibilities!


Scout was designed to keep your friends and family in the loop. This gps tracking app allows you to add contacts to see the progress of your trip. Only you can decide who can see your location, but it updates as you go, so it’s great for family and friends to see how far you have made it!


As much as you plan, your plans will change. Stop and see an extra site, or take the longer scenic route. Roomer is perfect for those times when you just can’t keep driving anymore, Roomer allows you to put your already reserved hotel room up for grabs so you don’t lose out on any money if you can’t make it as far as you had planned. Roomer also lets you do the opposite and grab a room from someone else looking to get rid of their reservation. Roomer is a lifesaver when plans just don’t go as planned, and helps you find some great deals on hotel stays!