Small Steps to Staying Active at Work

Posted on September 8, 2016

While slamming down coffee and working through your lunch break may feel like your only option at the moment. Taking small steps to remain active at work will improve your mental and physical health, as well as acting as a natural de-stressor. These few steps may seem small, but will make a huge impact to your body and mind while at work.

Park in the back! Arrive a few minutes early and enjoy the crisp morning air.

Get up at least once an hour: grab a snack, go to the bathroom or even just take a minute to stand up and stretch.

Feet over phone. Use your feet instead of picking up the phone to call (or email) your co-worker. Adding a few extra steps every time you would normally use the phone or email will quickly add up!

Walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch, or if you bring your lunch take a short walk after you eat. We all know it doesn’t take an hour to eat.

Make it a rule for yourself to take the stairs anytime you’re going less than four floors, but don’t hold yourself back if you’re not feeling a burn at all and think you can do more. Go for it!

Take public transit, you will have to walk to and from the stop, even if you drive to the station. Plus you can stand during the ride.

Above all else, make sure and give the day everything you have.  The best way to stay active is to stay focused.  Work hard, play hard, do everything with 110%!