Spread the Holiday Cheer

Posted on December 15, 2016

We usually associate the holiday season with family, excitement and joy. While this is true for many, some are not as fortunate. The Holiday season is the perfect time to give back, while often it doesn’t take much, the rewards of volunteering are endless. Check out these 6 ways you can get involved and help others in your community this holiday season.

Ringing Bells with the Salvation Army

Everyone has seen the volunteers braving the cold while ringing bells outside of your local supermarkets. This is one organization that could always use extra volunteers even if you only commit one hour a week to ring the bells you are helping raise money for an organization that helps a wide array of people in need.

Send Holiday Greetings

The American Red Cross hosts “Holiday Mail for Heroes” during the holidays. Take a few minutes out of your day and craft a little bit by making holiday cards for members of the military and our veterans.  Receiving a simple handmade card can truly brighten someone’s holiday spirit.

Donate to Local Shelters

Around Christmas time is one of the best times to donate to your local shelter. Coats, boots, mittens, hats and cold weather clothing and accessories are in high demand this time of year. So get rid of those old coats you’ve been hanging on to and donate them to someone who could really use them to stay warm this holiday season.

Adopt an Angel

This one goes by many other names as well, but it’s the same concept. Many churches, malls or schools will have “adopt an angel” tree decorated with ornaments, each ornament representing a child in need. On the ornament list the child’s age and clothing size and something that they need. This is a super rewarding way to help local kids in your area and the smiles and excitement you will receive from these kids over one simple gift will truly humble you.

Serve a Meal

Meals on Wheels is a great organization that takes meals to older adults who can’t get out of the house, especially when the weather is bad. Meals on Wheels delivery service could always use extra help during the holiday season when some of their regular volunteers may take time off for holiday vacations.

RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness)

There is never a bad time for a random act of kindness, something as small as helping someone put their groceries away, paying for the person’s coffee in line behind you or simply smiling at a stranger can completely turn someone’s day around. Random acts of kindness are often contagious, so it’s a good habit to randomly do because chances are if you do it, the person you helped will be encouraged to perform a random act of kindness as well.