Staying In Style This Summer

Posted on May 23, 2017

Summer is here!  Not only does that mean changes in the weather, but changes in your wardrobe as well, and more specifically your active wear wardrobe.  Versatility and functionality is a necessity in active wear, so be sure to stay on top of these summer active wear trends to keep you cool and comfy this summer!

Vibrant Pastels:


Stand out and stay cool in vibrant pastels this summer.  Look for active wear in pastel colors to keep you cool when out in the sun.  And don’t worry just because you’re looking for pastels, doesn’t mean t hey can’t be vibrant. Mixing and matching different shades of pastels give them depth and vibrancy!



Get some air flow with mesh paneling in your active wear. You will find lots of mesh in active wear this summer, designed to keep you cool. Mesh also provides coverage from the sun while still allowing for airflow.

Lightweight Fabrics:


Just because it‘s summer doesn’t mean we don’t like to layer. Layering is perfect for when you are wearing your active wear all day. Throw on a light running jacket and t-shirt before your work out and shed the layers as the day goes on. With ultra lightweight fabrics you can layer up, while still looking like you are dressed for summer.