The Inside Scoop…

Posted on August 25, 2016

Not sure which Machir bag is best for you? Here is the low down on each one of our collections!

For the laid back adventure seeker: The Casual Collection has just the right combination of style, functionality and rugged design. The cotton canvas ensures durability while not looking overly sporty. This collection is perfect for your daily trek through campus or a spontaneous day trip.

For the sophisticated style guru: The Executive Collection features superior design elements that will keep you looking clean and classically stylish. This bag is easy to dress up or dress down and makes for a great statement piece to any outfit.

For the businessman: The Signature Business Collection is perfect for the busy workaholic who is always on the go. This collection has plenty of pockets for all of your electronics and work necessities, so you able to keep everything with you in one easy to carry bag.

For the athlete: The Signature Sport Collection is ideal for the fitness enthusiast. While being extremely fashionable, this collection will pair great with all of your latest workout clothes and accessories. As well as, being exceptionally functional with waterproof linings for all of your sweaty gear.

For the world-class traveler: The Signature Travel Collection is everything you’ve ever realized you needed as you were running through the airport. This collection was built to remain strong and durable. It also has a spill proof interior pocket to keep all of your personal items separate from your clothes.