Travel Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

Posted on March 27, 2017

Checking Your Passport:

Sure you look at your passport and it’s not expired. But that’s not all you need. Some countries require at least 3-6 months remaining on your passport to travel. Be sure to just go ahead and update your passport, instead of cutting it close, and be sure to check the rules and regulations of the countries you will be visiting.

Not Reading Reviews

Simply reading the reviews on excursions you’ve booked or on any place that you are staying will save you a lot of disappointment. It’s much easier to make something look good in a pictures and a wordy description, but that doesn’t always mean that’s what you’ll be getting into. Reading the reviews, will not only affirm that you are using a creditable source, but it will also provide you with what to expect and often even tips to make things easier for you from those with personal experience.

Over Packing

It’s really not worth it! There are tons of usefully travel accessories and websites and blogs to help you and provide you with tips on ways to pack lighter. You have to remember that you will be lugging all of that around, so if your packing something you “might” wear, just don’t even pack it, chances are you wouldn’t wear it anyway. So what if you wear the same variation of 5 outfits, you getting to see some wonderful places and plus, your saving room to bring home some one of a kind souvenirs your trip!

Using Your Cell Phone without a Plan

If you are traveling abroad don’t forget about this one! It’s easy to without habit, turn on your phone the second you land and start sending texts and pictures. But before you know it you’ve quickly racked up a $1000 phone bill. To avoid this: turn your phone on airplane mode before boarding the plan and make sure the roaming is off and leave it that way. Use it only as a computer when wifi is available. Or if you will need your phone to make calls and work, check out what international plans your carrier offers before you leave.

Banking Trouble

First and foremost, make sure you let your bank know where you will be going and on what dates, otherwise you card will quickly be turned off due to fraud warnings. This applies especially If you are traveling abroad, but also if you are traveling domestically depending on your bank there is always a chance you card could get flagged for fraud if you are in a different city, so just go ahead and let the bank know about your trip. If you are traveling abroad, don’t forget to research currency exchanges ahead of time and remember that if you are using an ATM in another country a hefty withdraw fee comes along with that, so try to plan ahead.