Wooden Accessories

Posted on October 24, 2016

In need of a little style inspiration…wooden accessories are the perfect way to mix sophistication with natural minimalism. Wooden accessories are comfortable, durable and insanely unique. Brush up a little bit on the type of wood you are now sporting, because these wooden accessories will definitely be a conversation starter.

1. Woodstone Watches:

wood watches

Woodstone Watches offer a unique, yet sophisticated way to accessorize. These watches are made up of your choice of Maplewood, Rosewood and Black or Green Sandalwood. Each type of wood has different patterns, no two wood products are exactly alike, which is part of the reason wooden watches are so unique.  They truly are one of a kind. Shop the look at

2. Rosewood Business Card Case:

business card case

Andezia offers handmade practical products out of fine woods. With extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship these products will not only have you looking stylish, but will also offer you durability. Something as simple as a business card case can add a tremendous amount of character and style to any look, not to mention, these business card cases make for the perfect luxury gift. Shop the look at

3. Walnut Wood Belt Buckle:

wooden belt

This walnut wood belt buckle is a new and unique way to add your own personal touch of style to any outfit. Wooden accessories can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. This walnut wood belt buckle is ideal for the rustic modern man. Don’t forget to add a little personalization to this belt buckle if you are buying it for someone else; phrases, dates and initials can be etched into the bottom of the buckle or on either side. Shop now at

4. Bourbon Barrel Polarized Sunglasses:

wood sunglasses

Bourbon, style and functionality all in one, these bourbon barrel polarized sunglasses are unlike many other wooden sunglasses on the market. These glasses are made exclusively from used Kentucky Bourbon Barrels with polarized lenses and double hinged construction. The smooth wood offers a comfortable and practical feel, with a cool and casual look. The Bourbon Barrel shades also come with a custom oak case for storage. Shop the look at